Our Turf

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BUFFALO Turf varieties

The grass for life

Buffalo lawns are the perfect low maintenance lawn to install around your home. Buffalo Lawns are the best alternative for those shaded areas as well as being soft to walk, play and lay on. At Southern Cross Turf we offer 2 varieties of Buffalo Lawn, Shademaster Buffalo and Matilda Premium Soft Leaf Buffalo.

COUCH Turf varieties

Having a nice well maintained Couch Lawn is hard to beat, however a Couch Lawn needs a lot more sunlight than a Buffalo Lawn. Mainly suited for Golf courses and Sporting fields, we offer a range of Couch Lawns including Wintergreen, Santa Ana and the high performing and popular Grand Prix Couch.


Kikuyu is a common and fast growing turf usually used for parks and schools. Kikuyu does not perform well with little sunlight, although in high traffic areas it will repair quickly.